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Web Cookie Policy
Web cookies are small computer files that a website places on an Internet user’s computer to store basic information. As a general rule, cookies help website operators serve their users better and more quickly. There are two types of cookies: session and persistent. Session cookies exist only during an Internet user’s online session. They do not collect information from a user’s computer, and they typically store information only in the form of session identification. Session cookies are erased from a user’s computer when the user closes the browser software. Persistent cookies remain on a user’s computer after the browser has been closed, and are stored on a user’s hard drive until they expire or until the user deletes the cookie. Persistent cookies are used to collect identifying information about a user, such as Web surfing behavior or user preferences for a specific website.

How We Use Web Cookies
When you interact with the Insurvia, LLC website, we strive to make your experience easy and meaningful. Our Web server may use both session and persistent cookies to improve your interaction with the Website, and to help us improve user experience. We may use cookies to measure behavior on this website for usability purposes and to save choices made on some pages. The cookies used on this website do not identify you personally. Unless you choose to identify yourself voluntarily, they merely recognize your browser. Users who disable their Web browsers’ ability to accept cookies can still browse this website. However, we encourage you to accept cookies (which can be set through your browser settings) so that we may take further strides in making this website easier to use.